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by City on Silt



City on Silt wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered all of these tracks at The Kenyon Street Space Station.


released May 27, 2013



all rights reserved


City on Silt Washington, D.C.

Groovy urban stories
Jeff Krentel
Greg Maly
Anand Varghese
Trevor Olexy
Robby Burns

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Track Name: Sophie's Escape
When the night comes around
Sophie can be found
Throwing all her secrets
To the wind

When there’s no one there
I’ve heard her raven hair
Turns to colors of her
State of mind

But it really makes no difference
If you’re blind or if you see
A window in the wall
Will set you free

As the light of distant stars
Reveals her many scars
That’s when Sophie steps
Into the maze

To cleanse a tired soul
Sometimes broken, whole
Clinging to the light
From brighter days
Track Name: Crawl, Walk, Fly
It's a line we’ve waited for
Deep in the night
Moving close our eyes grow weary
Trying not to hold on

We find no solace in the quiet
Or tales of our past
This age has made us reckless
City lights can blind us too

We crawl, we walk, we fly
And stumble too
But can we rise up from the wreckage
And break on through?

We build our castles high
The dust will settle cold
We ride on winds into tomorrow
As our memories fade

Moving fast but feeling slow
As our blind spot grew
We charge out into the open
Burning down the fields we left behind
Track Name: You're Home
You punch that clock a hundred times
Feeling so free you see the light
The time has come to make it move
Shake off that dust and bring it down

You want to get around
You live this life not for free

Your broken roads take you away
You feel the spin of those tearing tires
You go fast to slow it down
The exit's here, you're home